not as much of an AHA moment, as played out in my head

species of another time, an era gone
wheels were not invented, they were shared and the world learned how it turns as do the seasons,
planets swirl around
an orbit where things only remain the same, at least in respect to time.
it’s infinite definition is how we see it, pretty optimistic of us…
pretty optimistic in the assumptions we make.
we are going to die.
THERE, I said it!
we were born, and our lives have proven not to be infinite…
but i am hopeful that my words travel further in time than I.
-dld decenber 30m 2010-


7 responses to “not as much of an AHA moment, as played out in my head

  1. I very much am impressed by your work. And would like to post some of it on my blog if you are ok with that.
    May 2011 be a good one.

  2. CreativityToTheMax,,, sorry, sent my comment to Sandra… but you are more than welcome to share my writing… just give me the plug!!! Your site is also pretty cool and I’ve joined so I stay in touch with your works, too.

  3. Like the last line alot and am certain your words will live on. 🙂

  4. oh charles, you make me blush! thanks honey for those kind words… I think you’re words will be right there, after mine (alphabetically speaking!) unless they find that computers carry Real viruses!

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