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wind howls a chilled air

wind howls a chilled air on a cloudless sky,
i see my breath
november beckons hibernation.
______________©dld 11.14.12

Clothed In Raw Silk

clothed in raw silk

trails of gardenia petals, and

one brief pause, she began

crying and caressing her

karma kard

with such emotion

only people who knew her could

reach her in time.  but there was none.

karma kards with shadows, usually isn’t a good sign.



© dld o1.05.12

Mindful Writing Challenge – Day 1

The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones

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WhenToday at 2:00am until Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 5:00am..Where Worldwide free writing challenge

Description Pay more attention and fall in love with the world.
Join our mindful writing challenge, ‘a river of stones’, in January ’12. FREE to join. Here’s how:
1. Notice something properly every day during January.
2. Write it down.
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The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones________________________________________________

i gathered all my thoughts
placed them all over the room
that i thought them in

now that i look at them

the Blue ones make sense.

dld © o1.o1.12




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Chrysalis come foreward Climb out to taste the air See the glory before you Set sights on forgotten dreams gone by And by Replenish each breath with those tales of long ago And far away, latch on With feet firm, … Continue reading

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weighing the pros/cons of democracy

    weighing the pros/cons of democracy

harriet beecher stowe would never stand for it
neither would james buchanan
but democracy is another way to control populous
independence and arrest hormones from hunting and gathering
for what? we’ve already too many plants with poisoned stems
but then, wouldn’t this be the glitch…
we eat
we die
the earth tumbles and farts
and VIOLA! a new set of circumstances—

Let’s see if we’re still here to write our wrongs!



© dld april 19, 2011