About dld self narration

Life’s cyclical nature is always present and calls for me to answer it’s undaunting questions and suppositions for clarity,
so I write in narrations or poems between freud’s trilogy – Id, Ego, Superego, better known as – Me, Myself, I.


I do not write within the parameters of a specific ‘style’, nor would I follow those rules completely, if I did.

As you read, please keep in mind that ‘pauses’ in the text are my ‘breath sounds’, and should be read according to the placement of words on the page.


This creates a  ‘tempo”, you will find, it helps mould the written word into a piece worthy of reading aloud,

or to possibly remain kept as staid, in quiet solitude… bringing you, the reader, as close to my voice as if I were whispering to you.


Inspiration is what I find in people, nature and abstract thoughts.
I aspire to become for others, a Muse, or in the least… a friend that you keep on the bookshelf.

peace, dld

My Muse

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