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Narrations, does not mean a long-winded prose soliloque.
It is simply speaking.
This site, Self Narration, refers to the fact that when you get down to it,
All writing, is just Self Talk.

I choose to speak sometimes with rhyme, tempo, or some other type of ‘tool’… however the spirit moves me… THESE are my narratives!

Privacy with Ashtray

all I needed was a little time alone and have a smoke


I didn’t need to become your privacy with an ashtray


© dld 07.12.13

when I was an ostrich

when I was an ostrich, I carried a load of marbles
in my hobo bag
that leans on the crook of my neck and shoulder blade
day after day
I would walk, squawk and meander
… all around the parking lot, you know the one – where two-guys used-to be?
one afternoon, i’d say it was around 3,
because there was a swarm of us ostriches
that settled by the dumpster behind the diner
… anyway, it was about three o’clock and something in this bird
brain of mine told me to
walk this way
and graciously, I made an about face,
and began to walk in my ostrich way, leading you to believe that
I am dumbfounded because my head sways the ways it does,
but mind those thoughts and here me now –
I saw things I’d never noticed before!
My world changed, just like that!
I’m afraid to say that I was living one-dimensionally.
There, I said it.
That place and time, turned-out to be no good for me.
I was always at that place where you weren’t too sure that
tomorrow would be different than today.
That’s not healthy, BUT HERE I AM, at a better place.
And in time, I will have exhausted all options to mold this new world
to  be  proud to say, I Am Complete.
Oh, I’d bet you’re wondering about those marbles.
No worries, I haven’t lost them.
dedicated to Richard Brautigan

finding wisdom



and be consumed


and be aroused


and be embraced


and be enlightened


and be satisfied

I am sensory & excited & loved & warmed & in Awe…

and I teach how to Be

© dld o6.16.13


signs of something more

as I am placing something like a turtle in my meditation yard, i talk with it I ask it to teach me something… or maybe he just shows me   in his slow, methodical way now, when I pass him … Continue reading

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june sixth

my studio is filled with distractions some may say that it’s in overdrive and overwhelm, but I’m not friends with them that’s the only thing that bugs me — when people just don’t GET me but, I move on and … Continue reading

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