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Challenges made to me for writing with guidelines; in a certain genre, with particluar prompts, to caption a photo/image or something else.

I have written for such challenges in goups like – 6S, T10, WSAM.1, etc.

strong bellows of wind

strong bellows of wind

surface snubbed as chilling air

coats my nasal hairs


© dld o1.o5.12

Mindful Writing Challenge – Day 2 – Morning Haiku

greyness shimmers gold
clouds part as daybreak unfolds
this day begins, AHHH!


dld © o1.o2.11

Mindful Writing Challenge – Day 1

The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones

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WhenToday at 2:00am until Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 5:00am..Where Worldwide free writing challenge

Description Pay more attention and fall in love with the world.
Join our mindful writing challenge, ‘a river of stones’, in January ’12. FREE to join. Here’s how:
1. Notice something properly every day during January.
2. Write it down.
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The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones________________________________________________

i gathered all my thoughts
placed them all over the room
that i thought them in

now that i look at them

the Blue ones make sense.

dld © o1.o1.12


Awaiting Moon Glow

moon glows brightly on this march eve
as if it’s a finger tickle away
i shall nudge it’s dry cratered skin
as moondust fills the air i breathe
i will make a wish
for things like this don’t happen every month,
in fact,
this moon
brings in spring’s entrance
i’m only hoping, the bounty of gaia’s seedlings
will grab enough dirt
to grow food
to feed
those in need,
like in japan
where the land’s barren sustenance has been

© dld march 19, 2011

for The Muse Is In


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person. This is a story about things that happen for no apparent reason, other than to make connections between dreams of grandeur and the … Continue reading

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