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when I was an ostrich

when I was an ostrich, I carried a load of marbles
in my hobo bag
that leans on the crook of my neck and shoulder blade
day after day
I would walk, squawk and meander
… all around the parking lot, you know the one – where two-guys used-to be?
one afternoon, i’d say it was around 3,
because there was a swarm of us ostriches
that settled by the dumpster behind the diner
… anyway, it was about three o’clock and something in this bird
brain of mine told me to
walk this way
and graciously, I made an about face,
and began to walk in my ostrich way, leading you to believe that
I am dumbfounded because my head sways the ways it does,
but mind those thoughts and here me now –
I saw things I’d never noticed before!
My world changed, just like that!
I’m afraid to say that I was living one-dimensionally.
There, I said it.
That place and time, turned-out to be no good for me.
I was always at that place where you weren’t too sure that
tomorrow would be different than today.
That’s not healthy, BUT HERE I AM, at a better place.
And in time, I will have exhausted all options to mold this new world
to  be  proud to say, I Am Complete.
Oh, I’d bet you’re wondering about those marbles.
No worries, I haven’t lost them.
dedicated to Richard Brautigan


leap of faith
guard down
relinquish the past on that cloud, let it gooooo
don’t watch it, turn around
and see
the man
in front of you
hold his hand
he walks by your side
to help you
over the speedbumps
to face and deal
with the obstacles
do for him
what needs doing what feels right
by his side
holding his hand
kissing his
as it should be

~ © dld 2011 ~


Pretzel Logic

It has been too long a time since Barney ate a hot pretzel. He, once-upon-a-time ago, passed a man with a cart on the corner of 1st Street where his office building was located. Every afternoon, he’d walk by and … Continue reading

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Turbulent Journey

Louise finally has a chance to just relax.  She’s been in her new house for four days and it is time that she venture outside for a nice walk along the beach .  Although it is January, she has almost forgetten that the Winter has just begun.  She feels alive as the salty air sprays her face.  Finding trinkets from the ocean’s turbulent journey, she gets lost in the moment as she pockets seashells and an odd assortment of coloured glass shaped by the sea.  She equates her journey here to that of her dear great uncle Theodore at the turn of the 20th Century..

The facts of his life are still to be uncovered, but Louise begins to think that it was a grand life he must have lived. Constant overchurning waves of the Atlantic, combined with her feelings of loss, as Winter often brings, give reason for her to go to the small village library that afternoon. 


Her first order of business, to read all about an Exposition in Philadelphia.


-dld jan. 3, 2011-


T10 –On Location, Mondays:  Along the beach

Jeepers! Peepers and Cedar Ponds, Oh My!

The stresses of this past week were mounting, Headaches had become a constant throbbing that Lorraine knew had to be corrected. If she avoided caring for herself, her health, any longer, she may need to be hospitalized. She hated that smell, hated the poking and proding. She just hated the thought of a ‘hospital’, but she hated more,the thought of working, at least where she was at.


Lorraine decided a walk in the woods would be good for her. The Pinelands Nature Reserve was about two miles from her home, so to clear her head, lose her thoughts and sort out what is was that had her in a state of fear and confusion, she made plans.


Friday night, she put on a Pink Floyd album and made a spinach salad, loaded with nuts, artichoke hearts, olives and anything else that she had in her kitchen to give her a little ‘get up’ to her go!. She put it in a Tupperware bowl, then fell asleep to the hauntings of Dark Side of The Moon.


At 6am she awoke, it was cool and dewy. Fog hugged the grass, low and thick, she thought it was fitting, for that is how she imaginied her brain to be – engulfed and clashing with reality. She told herself that a nice hike through the woods would remedy her ails, so she placed her salad in her red backpack, along with some plastic baggies, a notepad, pen and her MP3 player and got into her car.


Shortly after parking at Collier’s Mills, the sun was already clearing that heavy air. Lorraine took this as a good sign. Listening to her Voice, she navigated the paths with ease, making notes along the way – Skunk Cabbage, assorted dragon and damselflies and the find of the day, the Hyla Andersonii, or Pine Barrens Treefrog, which was becoming more endangered as the years went by. These are the things that give pleasure to Lorraine and she could tell that she was becoming more astute and clearer in her thoughts just from the day’s events.


After finding a collection of treasures, Lorraine noticed that darkness was approaching. Time had slid by her and for the first time in more than a week, she was feeling good. Maybe it was the smell of cedar bogs, or maybe it was the quiet, but Lorraine knew, deep inside that working for a law firm wasn’t for her. She needed to make a change, and soon, for she felt that the stress was evil to her spirit. Wildlife; however, made her really feel as though she were alive. Before she got back to her car, she took a sidetrack path and walked to the Ranger’s Station where she picked up an application for employment.

-dld november18, 2010

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