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My Thumb Is Green?

the mine fields
are booby-trapped
with scraps of broken pieces
and shards of things that cut you ’til you bleed
the mind field
is booby-trapped
with clips of life gone awry
and chips away at things that tempt you ’til you need
confined thoughts yield
as the humming fades
yet, it always refrains back
to leave you standing alone in your head
and wishing you’d never thought those thoughts
before the dam broke
leaking more questions of why you exist,
when seeding your ground to heal
would serve you better

-dld january 13th,’11-
ThinkingTen – Plot Thickens, Thursday: Something leaking


filling my spirit, giving me spirit
to hang low to gather
to rise higher to glimmer
birth to myself
when finding seeds to throw and sow
on paths to follow
I Follow and awaken,
this information
which has always been here with me
the prod or should I say, force, that has cultivated my being
into thoughts of deep examination
germination happens
windows are wide open to see what could be
life made smaller, so I can touch it, has larger reaches
for me to grab, take hold of and FLYYY
soaring with newfound wings,
I patiently wait for whispers to speak
in silent intentions for me to grow and delve further
than any HIGH, higher than sights perceive
I belive
I’m beginning
to think
I know
that I’m on to something!
-dld, Denise January 3, 2011
for the Muse is In, writing group



like pillows

hold our thoughts

until we sleep

to rearrange them

into stories

that really make no sense,

yet we feel content with this

and to have the company.

flurries passed through when i awoke

-dld 5 dec ’10

six words 7.

Thoughts become Words become Ideas…Become!

presentation of presence, defined.

i’d like to build a loft

to house thoughts

so they’d bounce off the wallswindowsChandelier

i’d serve iced-tea with lime and pineapple

and little umbrellas would be placed

just so

leaning on the inside rim to direct the eye to it’s PRESEN

tation among poets and artists

‘n’ those with telescopes sniped to this space

aftermath napkins, soiled and inked
mere casualties amidst a generation


________________________ dld, today, august 16th