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literal translation

tasty, like chicken/arid, like the desert, not moist like dessert last night…
I had five spoonfuls of honied caviar
*mmmm, was it good and soothing!
which was differebnt than five days ago.
not the bird/not a cow’s.
it was the spoon that caused it.
it didn’t go down well at all,
in fact i almost ate my words.

© dld o7.24.11

Awaiting Moon Glow

moon glows brightly on this march eve
as if it’s a finger tickle away
i shall nudge it’s dry cratered skin
as moondust fills the air i breathe
i will make a wish
for things like this don’t happen every month,
in fact,
this moon
brings in spring’s entrance
i’m only hoping, the bounty of gaia’s seedlings
will grab enough dirt
to grow food
to feed
those in need,
like in japan
where the land’s barren sustenance has been

© dld march 19, 2011

for The Muse Is In

Cloud of Doors, and Things to Open

i’m waiting on a cloud

i see a door


i move closer

one becomes three


i begin to wonder

which one to open


now another row’s behind them




one, has me mesmerized

it looks wise, worn wood

in my gaze, the word HABIT appears

it opens, ajar


i begin to move into it

before i realize this is where i am,

i freeze

standing, thinking, excitement prevails



instant i am anxious, afraid

fearful as to what comes next



i’m in my bedroom

all i see are the piles

clothes, enveopes to file, envelopes

to PAY NOW that had been left, always

on the top, so i’ll pay…

but now,

all i see is old,


how tired they look, they have given up

on me

i didn’t care enough to

hang up the dress jacket,

or stick the card i bought from MOMA

in a frame



i tire.

i need to sit.

i need to release the tension from my room.


i look around me, i see

the depression glass emeral green vanity tray,

the noritake candy dish that holds the pink ostrich

feather that gathers dust, two sterling button hooks,

pyramid shaped rocks, and the porcelain japanese hat-pin holder

all sitting ‘Just So’

this is a comfortable place

a memory of a time, a place, a circumstance

when i was last happy

with myself



a back door falls off it’s hinges

PROCRASTINATE begins to disappear

but now a wall appears

the arched opening commands attention



to my right, a mausoleum

as i walk through it’s hallway,

i notice little doors, drawers really

they are lettered; pay, return form, cancel, throw away,

make appointment, call, send


this is my wall of procrastination and guilt

none of the door’s sit on the floor off it’s hinges


i will look again, tomorrow, it is getting late


as i leave, i see one larger door,

it reads


it looks like a mood ring changing colours

as my emotions change



i tire.

i need to sit.

i need to release the tensions from that resting place.


as i walk away

i remember the lace that graced my dressing table

and the tablature, my shrine, is remembered


i smile.

i smile for holding that memory,

i smile for the one i’ve yet to create



three cherub muses encircle me

to tell me when a door has fallen,

these muses are named INITIATE, DISCIPLINE and




i have much to learn,

but it’s good to know that i have chrub muses

to guide me through these doors and other things to open



-dld o2.o2.11-


the muse is in, prompt # 109


Unattended Wine Glass

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on the edge of sanity or is it something more cruel, he placed this goblet full with nectar from the gods unsipped as he feared it’s seething ways of leaving him in want of more . unattended and still teetering … Continue reading

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filling my spirit, giving me spirit
to hang low to gather
to rise higher to glimmer
birth to myself
when finding seeds to throw and sow
on paths to follow
I Follow and awaken,
this information
which has always been here with me
the prod or should I say, force, that has cultivated my being
into thoughts of deep examination
germination happens
windows are wide open to see what could be
life made smaller, so I can touch it, has larger reaches
for me to grab, take hold of and FLYYY
soaring with newfound wings,
I patiently wait for whispers to speak
in silent intentions for me to grow and delve further
than any HIGH, higher than sights perceive
I belive
I’m beginning
to think
I know
that I’m on to something!
-dld, Denise January 3, 2011
for the Muse is In, writing group