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weighing the pros/cons of democracy

    weighing the pros/cons of democracy

harriet beecher stowe would never stand for it
neither would james buchanan
but democracy is another way to control populous
independence and arrest hormones from hunting and gathering
for what? we’ve already too many plants with poisoned stems
but then, wouldn’t this be the glitch…
we eat
we die
the earth tumbles and farts
and VIOLA! a new set of circumstances—

Let’s see if we’re still here to write our wrongs!



© dld april 19, 2011

A Day In The Life of An Obstinate Man

A man his age shouldn’t be standing on the hardened dirt
floor, the cold dampness isn’t helpful
to the arthritis that plagues his knees and hips,
but he insists that he has to stand in the garage, for that’s his “work”,
besides, using a stool with a cushioned seat, like the one I bought him
Christmas last , doesn’t allow him to “study”
or move up closely
to inspect
in minute
where the flaws are.
and how else will they get fixed?
” ’cause there ain’t no body who can find ’em, fix ’em or do it better than me “,
his words, not mine.

-dld january 1o, ’11-

T10 Monday, 1/10 – In the garage

i would like to stand

i would like to stand
with Great Artists,
and lay with
their words. ……………………………………………dld aug. 5, 2008