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With Love, Denise

Dear Friends,


When it comes right down to it, you’ve got to get yourself to move, both physically and mentally if you wish to gain more knowledge about the world, your community… yourself!


No, one person, is born with this.  It is not innate to being human, and it is most certainly not a gift  that someone presents to you.  To get through this life. without exercising or training the body, mind and spirit, you are dead, numb and worthless to the people around you, people you know and care about, and to yourself.


No, one person, can expect that things will just fall into place – not when it comes right down to lessons, for they must be learned through experience, and failing, before you can say that you have become enlightened, or that you’re life is enriched. 


People need people.  To commiserate with, to converse with, to feel and share what life offers.  You need Me and I, you.  What is the legacy you were meant to leave for this world?  What can you teach a toddler, a teen, your grandfather?  Will they have learned those important lessons, if you were gone now?


Questions for yourself and questioning others; asking Why, What for, and How are what gives the human condition it’s strength, it gives us our differences compared with the other creatures we share this earth with.  We ponder such things because we can!  We learn from our mistakes, because we do!  We are organisms who Need comfort from one another and expect nothing less than that in return.  And because we exercise such rites of passage throughout our lifetime, we can choose to dismiss things that don’t fit our plans, or embrace those which do.


Thank you for all that you have shown me, and you’re welcome for the sincerity I have for you. 



                                                                                                                          Love, Denise


-dld January 19m 2011- 


ThinkingTen Words, Inc., Wednesdaygain, gift, gone


filling my spirit, giving me spirit
to hang low to gather
to rise higher to glimmer
birth to myself
when finding seeds to throw and sow
on paths to follow
I Follow and awaken,
this information
which has always been here with me
the prod or should I say, force, that has cultivated my being
into thoughts of deep examination
germination happens
windows are wide open to see what could be
life made smaller, so I can touch it, has larger reaches
for me to grab, take hold of and FLYYY
soaring with newfound wings,
I patiently wait for whispers to speak
in silent intentions for me to grow and delve further
than any HIGH, higher than sights perceive
I belive
I’m beginning
to think
I know
that I’m on to something!
-dld, Denise January 3, 2011
for the Muse is In, writing group


A Magic Act Like You’ve Never Seen!

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Today begins in an old building once used to store stage props. There were three floors and an attic, atop a cellar. The building was narrow, the rooms small, but plentiful. It was the perfect place for Theo to live … Continue reading

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i’m tired of pushing my spirit

i am tired of pushing my spirit, pulling at the clock, listening to THAT voice, muting the one who sings.
i am sick to my spirit, sick at time’s movement, sick of the told you so’s and the silence.
i grow weary, i am untrusting, i hate that one and yearn to hear all others.

there is a resonance in my ears, a resounding echo, pulsating drumMming patterns between pauses that repeat the touch of a beat with the aura of nothingness repeated.

____________________________________________________© dld

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