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Mindful Writing Challenge – Day 1

The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones

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Description Pay more attention and fall in love with the world.
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The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones________________________________________________

i gathered all my thoughts
placed them all over the room
that i thought them in

now that i look at them

the Blue ones make sense.

dld © o1.o1.12


P. S. #187

When my brother and I were younger we played games in our room, usually an assortment of made-up things to pass the time, but the feats to see who was stronger or faster, were serious business!. When the weather shed it’s snow and cold, we could be found outside, on the playground. He in the sandbox, playing with matches and fluid to light the barbeque (yes, he was a pyro) and I on the swingset or hot metal slide. There were also those “family” ocassions, when Pachisi or the checkerboard for a game of checkers was brought out of the coat closet for the four of us to battle one on one with the roll of the dice.
I can remember my father telling stories of his youth, which was so very different than ours. He grew up in New York City, Washington Heights to be exact. I thought it was a cool place, but then again, as I child I always fancied the more odd or bohemian and thought those children were lucky to have so much within their reaches, but i quickly learned that the city is no place for childhood, according to my dad.
The one place that I found most interesting was the roof of his apartment building. That is where my father practiced playing the drums. It is actually a great place to play them, for the city’s hum, drummed out, no pun intended, the racket he was surely making.
One of the most unusual uses for the city rooftop, can be found in the buildings that house the schools. Dad didn’t grow up with expanses of land between buildings, so where else were they to put the gymnasium? That’s right, he had gym class on the top floor, which was the roof. A few years after telling us this fact, we saw firsthand what he meant. On a trip to see my parents good friends who lived in Brooklyn, we drove up and down the streets of his old neighborhood. Dad was always pointing up, to show the gargoyles that donned the facade, but we slowed down to a stop, when he pointed up, it was a school, his old stomping ground. Where he dribbled basketballs, learned a proper push up, and played the all-time kids favorite – Dodge Ball.
My brother seemed bothered by this and asked why there was a fence on the roof, and Dad said that they’d lose too many balls if it weren’t there. Of course they would, not to mention that someone may fall off themselves!.

-dld January 24, 2011-

*P. S. #187, Public School #187
ThinkingTen – On Location, Mondays: On the roof

The Vanished Veneto

Sherlock entered the main hall of the museum, looking for the curator of the Renaissance collection, without much luck, so he left word with a security guard that he was there to meet Mr. Boxwood and could be found walking around the right wing to collect clues.

As soon as he walked into that large cavity of a room, he was struck by it’s lack of proper lighting. This, he noted on his pocket tablet. As his eyes followed the left wall’s line, he was taken aback, for there was a rather large picture frame hanging askew and obviously missing the recently purchased Master’s work.

Upon closer inspection, he noted that it, “appears to have been removed by skilled hands” and that “minute canvas clippings” lay on the floor; when in walked Mr. Boxwood, who’s stride carried like a librarian’s, quick and lightfooted. “Ah, Boxwood,” said Sherlock as he presented himself, his hand extended, “I see that your museum’s Prized Bartolomeo Veneto is missing!” He then went on by telling the curator, “The entry doors seem to be secure and the vestibule well-equipped with cameras and lighting, but this room has so little… it is dark in comparison, the thief could have easily been in this room, and have hidden in the shadows at closing yesterday.”

Without a salt-lick’s stain to go by, Sherlock had to start his inquiry with the canvas clippings and work backwards. “This”, he exclaimed with pointed index finger in the air, “will take a while!”

~dld Oct. 27, 2010


T10’s Words, Inc., Wednesday:(1) appear, (2) salt, and (3) frame

Einstein’s ants, let’s theorize about their relativity

eat my pump snake eight squirrels
einstein unleash your ant’s potential
what has two legs and two tails?
a lizard flipping
a coin has important thoughts
about time and space and can
run faster than anyone else

a small crowded room
moves people
from floor to floor
the ceiling, costs more

farms with waterfalls
pig says, “it is time to go ((pull cord))
wee wee
all the way home”

____________________________________________© dld 04.22.07