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State of The State, This January Day

Nothing had changed,
but everything seemed different.
Colours marked the shoreline
in vibrant sunlight hues,
only then, they shown against
a blanket of winter’s white
an absence of urgency
to find time.

Nothing had changed,
but somehow it had.
Those dime-store quick fixes
were plumb out of remedy.
Grown of necessity
only a pilgrimage’s guidance
could offer hope
to finding new ground,
a new context
for amassing a new regime.

It has been three years
Since the party of choice began their march,
only three years to make a mark
of difference,
but the only difference I see,
is how much we have not learned
from our past.
And how much more
we only need time to mark the new beginning
we so wished to start
against this new winter’s white hue.

-dld January 25, 2011-
T10 – Take it Away, Tuesday:
Nothing had changed.

It Never Comes Gift Wrapped

It is a large order. To fulfill it would take a city’s worth of people, or brain cells, hard at work, hard at play, and hard to complete this undertaking for it to be satisfactory and to your liking. It is an all encompasing idea that proves to be difficult to wholly understand the dynamics of. Therefore to reach one particular finale, would define it as limited.

It is vast, as it has no boundaries. If it did, it would mean that it has only one outcome, a solitary prognosis. It’s magnitude cannot be measured, so whatever you are thinking it is, goes beyond all thoughts of what it could be, yet it’s significance pales to it’s appreciation, and your longing for it.

It is subjective and evolves throughout time; changing, morphing into what it is you seek, but often falling short of hitting the mark, the picture in your head, what you sense as it should be to attain in the minutest way.

It is a small package, yet contains big dreams. It is LOVE, afterall – the emotional dissension and remedy to loneliness, and the desire for attaining worthiness and purpose.

-dld december 23rd________________________

T10 The Plot Thickens, Thursday: A small package

Jeepers! Peepers and Cedar Ponds, Oh My!

The stresses of this past week were mounting, Headaches had become a constant throbbing that Lorraine knew had to be corrected. If she avoided caring for herself, her health, any longer, she may need to be hospitalized. She hated that smell, hated the poking and proding. She just hated the thought of a ‘hospital’, but she hated more,the thought of working, at least where she was at.


Lorraine decided a walk in the woods would be good for her. The Pinelands Nature Reserve was about two miles from her home, so to clear her head, lose her thoughts and sort out what is was that had her in a state of fear and confusion, she made plans.


Friday night, she put on a Pink Floyd album and made a spinach salad, loaded with nuts, artichoke hearts, olives and anything else that she had in her kitchen to give her a little ‘get up’ to her go!. She put it in a Tupperware bowl, then fell asleep to the hauntings of Dark Side of The Moon.


At 6am she awoke, it was cool and dewy. Fog hugged the grass, low and thick, she thought it was fitting, for that is how she imaginied her brain to be – engulfed and clashing with reality. She told herself that a nice hike through the woods would remedy her ails, so she placed her salad in her red backpack, along with some plastic baggies, a notepad, pen and her MP3 player and got into her car.


Shortly after parking at Collier’s Mills, the sun was already clearing that heavy air. Lorraine took this as a good sign. Listening to her Voice, she navigated the paths with ease, making notes along the way – Skunk Cabbage, assorted dragon and damselflies and the find of the day, the Hyla Andersonii, or Pine Barrens Treefrog, which was becoming more endangered as the years went by. These are the things that give pleasure to Lorraine and she could tell that she was becoming more astute and clearer in her thoughts just from the day’s events.


After finding a collection of treasures, Lorraine noticed that darkness was approaching. Time had slid by her and for the first time in more than a week, she was feeling good. Maybe it was the smell of cedar bogs, or maybe it was the quiet, but Lorraine knew, deep inside that working for a law firm wasn’t for her. She needed to make a change, and soon, for she felt that the stress was evil to her spirit. Wildlife; however, made her really feel as though she were alive. Before she got back to her car, she took a sidetrack path and walked to the Ranger’s Station where she picked up an application for employment.

-dld november18, 2010

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The Plot Thickens, Thursday: A red backpack