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  walking meditation seeing distances play with light. culling, calling to draw nearer and wallow in the gifts brought ashore twinkling glitters of sun shone on wetted shells and glass worn from the ever-changing motion turbulence of weather meeting sea … Continue reading

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Look Ma! No Thumbs!

my dog, Chance

he’s a year old, but the puppy’s still in him

he still marvels at what we take for granted,

what we see everyday

but we know how to think more abstractly – not everything

is in the here

and now


whenever he finds interest,

whether it’s watching you make dinner,

he’s always there

in the front row seat

taking mental notes with his nose


or whether he reaizes it for the first time

though he’s heard it before

an airplane passes overhead

from his front row seat, he looks up,

not to see that plane, to hear it

but we know what it is,

it’s not always just a sound

’cause we think more abstractly

and know that sound equates to the flight of a passenger plane

ready to land at newark.


-dld november 22nd


ThiningTen prompt = On Location, MondayA front-row seat.

lessons come to us through the cracks in the wall


like a gift

that when you get to the last piece of wrapping

to peel back, you are satisfied

for having lived through each

awakening, ahhh

the bittersweet release to lickmypoetry

i fly learned, now

dld, aug. 16, ’10


out of reach, except for whatever that THING IS we shared
still HAVE after all these years
in some ways, primal by their nature, we have a comfortable connection
still have it after all these years
we were younger
ignorant to what we should do, what we could do
foolish in what we made happen
not reality
as it stands before us now…
is this a sign that only time in alignment with how our lives played-out
to bring us to today
to make us wonder all these lost years later
what do we do next?

from the moment that we met
what still seems surreal
both facing aftermaths of worlds turned upside-down
convinced, yet expected, we were meant to meet
to touch one another
nurture what we each needed

the home we’ve been building
within this comfortable bubble
our courtship-dance
I am safe
I am loved

but have i found the me I lost after all these years?


__________________________________________dld o8.o8.1o