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With Love, Denise

Dear Friends,


When it comes right down to it, you’ve got to get yourself to move, both physically and mentally if you wish to gain more knowledge about the world, your community… yourself!


No, one person, is born with this.  It is not innate to being human, and it is most certainly not a gift  that someone presents to you.  To get through this life. without exercising or training the body, mind and spirit, you are dead, numb and worthless to the people around you, people you know and care about, and to yourself.


No, one person, can expect that things will just fall into place – not when it comes right down to lessons, for they must be learned through experience, and failing, before you can say that you have become enlightened, or that you’re life is enriched. 


People need people.  To commiserate with, to converse with, to feel and share what life offers.  You need Me and I, you.  What is the legacy you were meant to leave for this world?  What can you teach a toddler, a teen, your grandfather?  Will they have learned those important lessons, if you were gone now?


Questions for yourself and questioning others; asking Why, What for, and How are what gives the human condition it’s strength, it gives us our differences compared with the other creatures we share this earth with.  We ponder such things because we can!  We learn from our mistakes, because we do!  We are organisms who Need comfort from one another and expect nothing less than that in return.  And because we exercise such rites of passage throughout our lifetime, we can choose to dismiss things that don’t fit our plans, or embrace those which do.


Thank you for all that you have shown me, and you’re welcome for the sincerity I have for you. 



                                                                                                                          Love, Denise


-dld January 19m 2011- 


ThinkingTen Words, Inc., Wednesdaygain, gift, gone

Sideways Glances

a glance
the peripheral of my soul
a mentor to respect
a voice that sounds like mine

a sideways glance i catch
on the rim of truths waiting,
the edge of sight
for me to notice
and to question
when it hasn’t clicked or gelled or taken hold of me
wracking in my face
until AHA moments flood
and dominoes fall, to brush another’s attention to force the next
to lean,
leaving residue
i feed upon

this brings contentment that i can
spew out the joy that i am

and when we’ve come full circle, now that we all lay down, unbeaten
merely changed to BE
i know this is my common sense, my intuition,
my gut feelings that fail me, not
leaving me only left to continue uprighting until i am ready to lean into the glance,
sideways to the course, when the course has nothing but fork tines to choose
the best path from
to continue this journey to enlightenment, zen…
to my core,
which never takes compliments, but does accept nurture

indebted only to the fact that i reamin facing forward
because i am meant to,
all else will make sense
when that time comes

-dld december 7th, 2010
—- —- —- —- —
for The Muse is IN Writing Group


out of reach, except for whatever that THING IS we shared
still HAVE after all these years
in some ways, primal by their nature, we have a comfortable connection
still have it after all these years
we were younger
ignorant to what we should do, what we could do
foolish in what we made happen
not reality
as it stands before us now…
is this a sign that only time in alignment with how our lives played-out
to bring us to today
to make us wonder all these lost years later
what do we do next?

from the moment that we met
what still seems surreal
both facing aftermaths of worlds turned upside-down
convinced, yet expected, we were meant to meet
to touch one another
nurture what we each needed

the home we’ve been building
within this comfortable bubble
our courtship-dance
I am safe
I am loved

but have i found the me I lost after all these years?


__________________________________________dld o8.o8.1o