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The Real Deal… No Bull!

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  Take The Bull By The Horns and Tame Him By Riding Him On Your New Path!

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filling my spirit, giving me spirit
to hang low to gather
to rise higher to glimmer
birth to myself
when finding seeds to throw and sow
on paths to follow
I Follow and awaken,
this information
which has always been here with me
the prod or should I say, force, that has cultivated my being
into thoughts of deep examination
germination happens
windows are wide open to see what could be
life made smaller, so I can touch it, has larger reaches
for me to grab, take hold of and FLYYY
soaring with newfound wings,
I patiently wait for whispers to speak
in silent intentions for me to grow and delve further
than any HIGH, higher than sights perceive
I belive
I’m beginning
to think
I know
that I’m on to something!
-dld, Denise January 3, 2011
for the Muse is In, writing group

At The Majestic

Forcibly, he entered, even though not a soul was tending to the stanchions at the staircase of The Majestic, but still, he found reason to jump over it as though it was the Olympics and his heart was set on that coveted medal. To say that this is a strange way to go up to the mezzanine, wouldn’t be any stranger than the truth that his life depended upon doing so.
Four minutes earlier, a trio of spies was growing closer to him, as he was standing at the corner, rummaging through a resident’s trash recepticle. Six minutes earlier, he found a key attached to a note which gave an address and locker number.

But it was at five minutes before arriving at his high jump post, that he decided to go to that address with hopes of finding a gold bullion, as he knew the address at which he rummaged through the trash was that of a Rockefeller. It’s a shame that he had to die, unarmed, when the three men shot at him, for those men were undoubtedly undercover Interpol detectivess, running on a tip that someone in town had the stolen Ruby Slippers, that Judy Garland wore back in ’39.

.-dld November 10, 2010

Six Sentences Equal One

Six sentences, that’s what has to be determined for six disobeyers of The Law (of life).

The Law, it has been said, is the ultimate Player of

Rules of Conduct,

Rules of Living with others,

and Rules of Misconduct, or flagrant disobedience and disregard (toward and for others).

The Law is the ultimate Surveyor of Punishment

for those deeds undeemed

fit to thrive, under The Law (during one’s lifetime),

and the ulitmate Purveyor of Sins

made to, for and against those

who follow The Law (of mankind).

It is wise to regard THE LAW (Of MAN) as your Master, your Mentor, your Guide.

It would be Vain to believe you are an Attractor to posses others because you Say. So…



then, and only then,

THE LAW WILL REST within each of us.

-dld o9.22.1o

sept. it’s the 8th now

In one moment, too stoned. three voices could be heard

the father, who bears the mother’s lode, he speaks undercover-like, low

    and quivers in fear’s shadow

the son, making sounds through his thin-skin’s bubbling boils of angst, 

  piercing  howls of hunger’s yearning

the holy ghost, whispering hither-to’s and promising fate’s reward of    immortality and beauty

stoned and hearing one voice now

one voice that knows you best but sounds more like drowning in asphyxiated  
air, lack of presence

where the last thing you see is the child that dreamed of happily-ever-afters

and finds it is illusion

that has kept you going to reach this point of no return

to meet the child born of your belly

and left him to celebrate the moment of his birth

for the rest of his life

on the day you died

-dld, o9.o8.1o


writing challenge for T10 – Words, Inc., Wednesday: (1) moment, (2) stone, and (3) voices