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A Big Day for the Zoo

in the cage,
he was tame, obedient
and willing to submit
but today, he was released
and set his feet on terrafirma for the first time.

an odd feeling at first,
hesitantly he whiffed the unconditioned air
and grabbed a mouthful – he had never
tasted grass or felt
the tickletwinge on the backslope of his tongue before


excited and unsure of what he should do
when he realized that he could move-about, he ran
but abruptly screeched to a halt at twelve feet
this was the length of the cage and he didn’t know he could go further than the bars
he didn’t know there was a ‘further’
it was the first time he questioned everything he thought he knew
with apprehension
smelling the good earth was all he needed at this point,
his instincts kicked-in
his desires to press on grew more carnal
his cries more sensual – he wanted to mate
the innate began to overwhelm his every move
and soon he found his flesh entwined with the tender loins
of the female from the cage next to his.

his primal needs done over and over, as is the way
until he lay on the grass, in pleasant exhaustion

-dld november 12, 2010
T10 prompt – an animal


The Day The Music Died

We drove in silence,
as we always did
when we were going to a place we hadn’t been before.

Those other times when we arrived at where our faces were known,
we would take turns picking from the selection on the MP3
rejoicing our voices
in two-part harmony, at times missing the mark,
then breaking down in laughter and the ensuing conversation about who messed-up first.

Today was different.

It was not a silence between us,
it was the sound of the unfamiliar that resonated.
Sure, we’d gone on long road trips before, but
in all those other for-instances, we knew where we would end up,
we could pin-point it on a map, but
today was different, for we had no map,
we had no clue to where we would be spending
the night, beit a truck stop or roadside motel.

We didn’t need to pack very much,
we didn’t have a carload of the usual stuff,
only a photo-album and our birth-certificates.
Just those keepsakes that made us Feel.

But I don’t know what good it would do,
except proving we were were married and we had been born.
I don’t know what good it was at all,
since we were driving further away
from where the tsunami was expected to reach when it hit the mainland.

Today was different, alright,
because we both knew that the seas would keep driving
further than the gasoline would take us in the car.

And those birth certificates…
they were to become our death papers,
if there were anyone left to read them.

-dld October 26, 2010
Tuesday – We drove in silence.


be me.
as i am, when i am
helping others.
i am helped
more by those i touch.

they touch me, where i need touching,
nurture and comfort

i shine inside.

is this what i am to be
happy with?
for the rest of my days?

even though my heart pumps stronger,
i still feel
a Void.
a Fraid.

i should go further
reach higher
grab onto something
that i’m too short to see.

too hidden to find.

too scared to be.

…………………………………………………© dld 10.27.08