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literal translation

tasty, like chicken/arid, like the desert, not moist like dessert last night…
I had five spoonfuls of honied caviar
*mmmm, was it good and soothing!
which was differebnt than five days ago.
not the bird/not a cow’s.
it was the spoon that caused it.
it didn’t go down well at all,
in fact i almost ate my words.

© dld o7.24.11

the marble and the frog

to the right of the hemlock
on the ground
beneath the surface
was a reminder of a day.

two momentos.
a boy or possibly a girl played solitary games
admiring the tiny cones.
maybe mother called.
and in the light that turns to darkness,
the play things were forgotten.

nature and time,
doing what they do best together,
changed the landscape.

changed the land.

swallowing the yesterdays of childhood
to birth tomorrows for me
to find.

of how many years had passed
since that moment when child’s play changed the game.
the destiny of two pieces
of an afternoon long ago
has brought them here

for me to continue the playing

the marble and the frog.
© 10 feb 91 ~dld~