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finding wisdom



and be consumed


and be aroused


and be embraced


and be enlightened


and be satisfied

I am sensory & excited & loved & warmed & in Awe…

and I teach how to Be

© dld o6.16.13

a place to sit

nature’s offering
a place where i’d like to sit
and feel the water’s journey
maybe see a tadpole
dld o1.o8.o9

With Love, Denise

Dear Friends,


When it comes right down to it, you’ve got to get yourself to move, both physically and mentally if you wish to gain more knowledge about the world, your community… yourself!


No, one person, is born with this.  It is not innate to being human, and it is most certainly not a gift  that someone presents to you.  To get through this life. without exercising or training the body, mind and spirit, you are dead, numb and worthless to the people around you, people you know and care about, and to yourself.


No, one person, can expect that things will just fall into place – not when it comes right down to lessons, for they must be learned through experience, and failing, before you can say that you have become enlightened, or that you’re life is enriched. 


People need people.  To commiserate with, to converse with, to feel and share what life offers.  You need Me and I, you.  What is the legacy you were meant to leave for this world?  What can you teach a toddler, a teen, your grandfather?  Will they have learned those important lessons, if you were gone now?


Questions for yourself and questioning others; asking Why, What for, and How are what gives the human condition it’s strength, it gives us our differences compared with the other creatures we share this earth with.  We ponder such things because we can!  We learn from our mistakes, because we do!  We are organisms who Need comfort from one another and expect nothing less than that in return.  And because we exercise such rites of passage throughout our lifetime, we can choose to dismiss things that don’t fit our plans, or embrace those which do.


Thank you for all that you have shown me, and you’re welcome for the sincerity I have for you. 



                                                                                                                          Love, Denise


-dld January 19m 2011- 


ThinkingTen Words, Inc., Wednesdaygain, gift, gone

The Day The Music Died

We drove in silence,
as we always did
when we were going to a place we hadn’t been before.

Those other times when we arrived at where our faces were known,
we would take turns picking from the selection on the MP3
rejoicing our voices
in two-part harmony, at times missing the mark,
then breaking down in laughter and the ensuing conversation about who messed-up first.

Today was different.

It was not a silence between us,
it was the sound of the unfamiliar that resonated.
Sure, we’d gone on long road trips before, but
in all those other for-instances, we knew where we would end up,
we could pin-point it on a map, but
today was different, for we had no map,
we had no clue to where we would be spending
the night, beit a truck stop or roadside motel.

We didn’t need to pack very much,
we didn’t have a carload of the usual stuff,
only a photo-album and our birth-certificates.
Just those keepsakes that made us Feel.

But I don’t know what good it would do,
except proving we were were married and we had been born.
I don’t know what good it was at all,
since we were driving further away
from where the tsunami was expected to reach when it hit the mainland.

Today was different, alright,
because we both knew that the seas would keep driving
further than the gasoline would take us in the car.

And those birth certificates…
they were to become our death papers,
if there were anyone left to read them.

-dld October 26, 2010
Tuesday – We drove in silence.


we met
when i was parting

we were bound to meet in a different setting

we were bound to meet again
when i was beginning

your quiet-kept details, though,
have kept us apart

you left when i could use
more light
on the paths all around me
all to write
all to f e e l…

all to give back to you

on this trip –
this. Circle of Life,
is there a trick to
bypass our losses?

____________________dld 10.06.07