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existing in boredomsville



existing in boredomsville
i feel disconnected
finding shiny things, but they only keep me entrapped in
where it’s neither happening,
nor completely dead

i guess this is a sign
to stop listening to those voices in my head

maybe I’ll play with glue and paint
– the escape from this place –
to a more lively one made from surreal dreams
to snap out of this dread
dld © 02.16.13


a long wait

. . it was so long he had entrapped showing his teeth – he was a night stalker grumbling and growling and pacing with anticipated mirth, he was sure the last laugh would be his . his patience grew weaker … Continue reading

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Street Performer

fortunes have been made
from selling lemonade
to childmen who have played
or portrayed themselves as though
their face has worn not frayed, 
showing wear on the edge, the slightest
turns waterfall
consuming thirst and so it plays
like violins to serenade
when whisper’s gone to grave, dirt is dug
thinking smug as smug learns that
the joke’s on he who wears the mask
stays entrapped
like an actor snaps
when the roles are typecast
he’ll always sell that wat’ry sugar
a task taken seriously
’cause no one else has the mastery
of pouring it so well
and gets to bank the shell

-dld 11.11.1o
The Plot Thickens, Thursday:
A mask