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undoubtable valid absolute ascertained authoritative clear conclusive confirmable definite demonstrable destined determined establishable evident firm, fixed, genuine, guaranteed, having down pat, in the bag, incontrovertible indubitable infallible irrefutable known, on ice, plain, positive, predestined, provable , real, reliable, safe, salted … Continue reading

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magic mercurial kaleidoscopical brief mandated encounters turned away left behind, a once-upon-a-time hopes that you find your way to survive SPEAK OUT, whisper softly adopt new dreams for dreamers will always be dedicated to my journals left behind in Hawai’i… … Continue reading

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lessons come to us through the cracks in the wall


like a gift

that when you get to the last piece of wrapping

to peel back, you are satisfied

for having lived through each

awakening, ahhh

the bittersweet release to lickmypoetry

i fly learned, now

dld, aug. 16, ’10

presentation of presence, defined.

i’d like to build a loft

to house thoughts

so they’d bounce off the wallswindowsChandelier

i’d serve iced-tea with lime and pineapple

and little umbrellas would be placed

just so

leaning on the inside rim to direct the eye to it’s PRESEN

tation among poets and artists

‘n’ those with telescopes sniped to this space

aftermath napkins, soiled and inked
mere casualties amidst a generation


________________________ dld, today, august 16th

negation illustrated

a mirror, an old one

waves in the glass & mercury lining worn

it has become an unbearable likeness

time will do that

– it gets dust-tarnished, effeted of it’s luster

she’s depleted of sustanence

she withdraws from her marrow

she lies exhausted from feasts made main course of, yet

she feels the pull to regenerate

her adequacies

so that tomorrow

her suitor can dine again

in her looking glass existence

_____________________________ dld o8.16.1o