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weighing the pros/cons of democracy

    weighing the pros/cons of democracy

harriet beecher stowe would never stand for it
neither would james buchanan
but democracy is another way to control populous
independence and arrest hormones from hunting and gathering
for what? we’ve already too many plants with poisoned stems
but then, wouldn’t this be the glitch…
we eat
we die
the earth tumbles and farts
and VIOLA! a new set of circumstances—

Let’s see if we’re still here to write our wrongs!



© dld april 19, 2011


An Honorable Man

As much as he loved being an EMT for the best city in the world, Frankle was more proud to be a life-long resident of New York City.  Every night, he went on his rooftop, so predictable were his actions, that you could set … Continue reading

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At The Majestic

Forcibly, he entered, even though not a soul was tending to the stanchions at the staircase of The Majestic, but still, he found reason to jump over it as though it was the Olympics and his heart was set on that coveted medal. To say that this is a strange way to go up to the mezzanine, wouldn’t be any stranger than the truth that his life depended upon doing so.
Four minutes earlier, a trio of spies was growing closer to him, as he was standing at the corner, rummaging through a resident’s trash recepticle. Six minutes earlier, he found a key attached to a note which gave an address and locker number.

But it was at five minutes before arriving at his high jump post, that he decided to go to that address with hopes of finding a gold bullion, as he knew the address at which he rummaged through the trash was that of a Rockefeller. It’s a shame that he had to die, unarmed, when the three men shot at him, for those men were undoubtedly undercover Interpol detectivess, running on a tip that someone in town had the stolen Ruby Slippers, that Judy Garland wore back in ’39.

.-dld November 10, 2010

The Last Hooka Dive

it’s hard to hear when the babies cry
and more difficult to make out what the announcer says at the Kentucy Derby

it’s unrealistic to know how many syllables are uttered from the linguistics professor
and mighty hard to decipher mime

i’m not sure when the sun is at high noon
and please, don’t rely on me to tell you when the moon is full,
not unless you’d like me to count the box jellyfish?

there may be fires burning out of control,
but if i don’t see the choppers’ buckets dipping, i couldn’t tell you that san diego’s ablaze

i do know when there’s a shark approaching,
the schoals of fish scurry so when they’re near
though i can’t tell you if they are white or grey or blue whales, for that matter

if i touch you, would you feel slimy?
… would your skin slough when i pat your back?

i cannot remember what liquorice tastes like for it’s scent is not so aromatic, i’m without the aro

the best i can tell, it’s awfully hard to do much
when underwater and you die within minutes
without air… all the rest are just memories that i keep,
but don’t remember why.

~dld November 8th, 2010


prompt – underwater

His Calling Card

A man
who lives apart from utility poles
power plants and anything viral
was asked how he managed to survive

After looking up at the clouds
and staring at the dirt trapped between his toe nail and toe flesh,
he simply uttered
“Finding food is easy, cooking it – not so bad,
and as far as communication with others,
it was like watching an old Emerson…
basically two choices
and I chose the one which held more opportunity for me –
to hide, not casting a shadow or making white noise.

That is the one the birds sang to.”

He then added, “That is why I placed a black handkerchief
in the their nest.”

After another moment of cloud gazing, he quipped,
“I want their children to sing to me also,
for I will live longer than they.”

~dld oct. 14th, 2010
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The Plot Thickens, Thursday:
A black handkerchief