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A Connection Regarding Uncle Theo

Uncle Theodore had a life that no one, now, remembers and Louise was hell-bent on finding out what the mysteries surrounding his name are all about.  ‘Was he such as rascal in his day?’, she wondered.  ‘Did he lead an underground or such a dark lifestyle that his family was ashamed of him?’, these are thoughts she had for each thing she uncovered, but still had questions about.
Louise was making every effort to find all that she could about him, when she wasn’t caught up with her daily chores of being a mom.  She rather liked the quiet time to delve into the fantasy of who he was, but she was beginning to show displeasure by the lines that now formed around her eyes and brow.
During a recent football game that her son was playing in at the away team’s home field in Morristown, Louise was taken by all the plaques strewn about the town, when one of them jumped out at her.  It was a plaque that stated the importance of the Ford Mansion, General George Washington’s headquarters during the winter of 1779-80.  Louise remembered reading that the New Jersey Pavillion at the Centennial Expostion was a re-creation of this very building.  It dawned on her that this Pavillion and the Ford Mansion, were one and the same.  Something clicked in Louise’s head, she remembered that her great Uncle Theodore had been a caretaker there, before it was delegated a National Historical site and right around the time of the 1876 Expo.
Instead of watching her linebacker son beat up on Morristown’s squad, she went behind the bleachers to compose her excitement and plan her next move.  It was there, that she realized she needed to contact the Historical Park Ranger to set up an appointment for a private tour and viewing of the Mansion, so she quickly ran over to the school building, located a telephone book and jotted down the telephone number.  Thankfully, she got back to see her son sack Morristown’s Quarterback, thus ending the game with only 8 seconds remaining on the clock — and they won by a score of 27 to 21!  But Louise felt that her own victory was even greater than that, she was finally making headway to find the trruth about Uncle Theo.

-dld January 17, 2011-__________________________________________
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The Vanished Veneto

Sherlock entered the main hall of the museum, looking for the curator of the Renaissance collection, without much luck, so he left word with a security guard that he was there to meet Mr. Boxwood and could be found walking around the right wing to collect clues.

As soon as he walked into that large cavity of a room, he was struck by it’s lack of proper lighting. This, he noted on his pocket tablet. As his eyes followed the left wall’s line, he was taken aback, for there was a rather large picture frame hanging askew and obviously missing the recently purchased Master’s work.

Upon closer inspection, he noted that it, “appears to have been removed by skilled hands” and that “minute canvas clippings” lay on the floor; when in walked Mr. Boxwood, who’s stride carried like a librarian’s, quick and lightfooted. “Ah, Boxwood,” said Sherlock as he presented himself, his hand extended, “I see that your museum’s Prized Bartolomeo Veneto is missing!” He then went on by telling the curator, “The entry doors seem to be secure and the vestibule well-equipped with cameras and lighting, but this room has so little… it is dark in comparison, the thief could have easily been in this room, and have hidden in the shadows at closing yesterday.”

Without a salt-lick’s stain to go by, Sherlock had to start his inquiry with the canvas clippings and work backwards. “This”, he exclaimed with pointed index finger in the air, “will take a while!”

~dld Oct. 27, 2010


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growing tired of my skin

M. C. Escher ________________________ hand and arm aged reading in the dark will do that extend hold it outward to see how bulbous my head grows holding all those veins in my reflection makes for heavy eyelids ___________________________________________© dld 08.11.06

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