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when I was an ostrich

when I was an ostrich, I carried a load of marbles
in my hobo bag
that leans on the crook of my neck and shoulder blade
day after day
I would walk, squawk and meander
… all around the parking lot, you know the one – where two-guys used-to be?
one afternoon, i’d say it was around 3,
because there was a swarm of us ostriches
that settled by the dumpster behind the diner
… anyway, it was about three o’clock and something in this bird
brain of mine told me to
walk this way
and graciously, I made an about face,
and began to walk in my ostrich way, leading you to believe that
I am dumbfounded because my head sways the ways it does,
but mind those thoughts and here me now –
I saw things I’d never noticed before!
My world changed, just like that!
I’m afraid to say that I was living one-dimensionally.
There, I said it.
That place and time, turned-out to be no good for me.
I was always at that place where you weren’t too sure that
tomorrow would be different than today.
That’s not healthy, BUT HERE I AM, at a better place.
And in time, I will have exhausted all options to mold this new world
to  be  proud to say, I Am Complete.
Oh, I’d bet you’re wondering about those marbles.
No worries, I haven’t lost them.
dedicated to Richard Brautigan

complete, in me

my small stride’s steps
led me to
allowed me to go in
you permited my gifts
for exchange
of enlightenment’s seeds
to raise within myself

i grow
cogs in
clockwork repetition

and present it’s fruit – their children
seeds to nurture
for you to
in time
i grow
in me

-dld 1o.31.1o