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filling my spirit, giving me spirit
to hang low to gather
to rise higher to glimmer
birth to myself
when finding seeds to throw and sow
on paths to follow
I Follow and awaken,
this information
which has always been here with me
the prod or should I say, force, that has cultivated my being
into thoughts of deep examination
germination happens
windows are wide open to see what could be
life made smaller, so I can touch it, has larger reaches
for me to grab, take hold of and FLYYY
soaring with newfound wings,
I patiently wait for whispers to speak
in silent intentions for me to grow and delve further
than any HIGH, higher than sights perceive
I belive
I’m beginning
to think
I know
that I’m on to something!
-dld, Denise January 3, 2011
for the Muse is In, writing group


we met
when i was parting

we were bound to meet in a different setting

we were bound to meet again
when i was beginning

your quiet-kept details, though,
have kept us apart

you left when i could use
more light
on the paths all around me
all to write
all to f e e l…

all to give back to you

on this trip –
this. Circle of Life,
is there a trick to
bypass our losses?

____________________dld 10.06.07