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if only

I’m trying to get the most out of my EYES… SEEING, that is.
Time is ticking away at my eyesight’s ability to see,

as my right eye is virtually blind and the left is currently holding it’s own –

I want to lavish all of my senses with the beauty, as well as the smUGLY in this world.

Time is ticking away at the amount that I can do to create things of vision…

if only
you could read my mind,

you’d see all of these fantastical things I make in my dreams. >sigh<

©dld 07.22.12

sept. it’s the 8th now

In one moment, too stoned. three voices could be heard

the father, who bears the mother’s lode, he speaks undercover-like, low

    and quivers in fear’s shadow

the son, making sounds through his thin-skin’s bubbling boils of angst, 

  piercing  howls of hunger’s yearning

the holy ghost, whispering hither-to’s and promising fate’s reward of    immortality and beauty

stoned and hearing one voice now

one voice that knows you best but sounds more like drowning in asphyxiated  
air, lack of presence

where the last thing you see is the child that dreamed of happily-ever-afters

and finds it is illusion

that has kept you going to reach this point of no return

to meet the child born of your belly

and left him to celebrate the moment of his birth

for the rest of his life

on the day you died

-dld, o9.o8.1o


writing challenge for T10 – Words, Inc., Wednesday: (1) moment, (2) stone, and (3) voices

Don’t Wait For A Brass Ring

The damage was done.

That is how it ended.

All for naught, I’m afraid – and still am, as I cower behind today’s copy of Stars & Stripes.

New to these types of things, I read the headline and found that I really am all alone.

I wasn’t sure how the paper even got printed, and with such accurate details and accounts of the events.

But there it was, in bold, upper-case, Helvetica, 72pt; covering the first fifth of the page…

So I looked. As I focused attentions to the scenery, the brilliance of the light made my eyes tear.

Two suns, two waning moons, and the sky, a colour that can’t be explained or described except for

the aura-glow that cast shadows shading beauty on everything.

I’ve no one to share this with!

Not a soul to touch, to dance exhuberantly with.

The voice that came to my sleep last night, told me that I would be at peace,

so then, why do I feel empty and ashamed?

I wasn’t supposed to be this way, drained, weak and spirit-spent.

And I wasn’t supposed to have lived a full, accomplished life,

having never found love.
I guess we do go out the way we came in… damned LIFE…dangling sparkley-things and dropping crumbs along the road.

Always to reach for,

Never to attain.

dld o8.24.1o
for T10, The damage was done, prompt.