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The Vanished Veneto

Sherlock entered the main hall of the museum, looking for the curator of the Renaissance collection, without much luck, so he left word with a security guard that he was there to meet Mr. Boxwood and could be found walking around the right wing to collect clues.

As soon as he walked into that large cavity of a room, he was struck by it’s lack of proper lighting. This, he noted on his pocket tablet. As his eyes followed the left wall’s line, he was taken aback, for there was a rather large picture frame hanging askew and obviously missing the recently purchased Master’s work.

Upon closer inspection, he noted that it, “appears to have been removed by skilled hands” and that “minute canvas clippings” lay on the floor; when in walked Mr. Boxwood, who’s stride carried like a librarian’s, quick and lightfooted. “Ah, Boxwood,” said Sherlock as he presented himself, his hand extended, “I see that your museum’s Prized Bartolomeo Veneto is missing!” He then went on by telling the curator, “The entry doors seem to be secure and the vestibule well-equipped with cameras and lighting, but this room has so little… it is dark in comparison, the thief could have easily been in this room, and have hidden in the shadows at closing yesterday.”

Without a salt-lick’s stain to go by, Sherlock had to start his inquiry with the canvas clippings and work backwards. “This”, he exclaimed with pointed index finger in the air, “will take a while!”

~dld Oct. 27, 2010


T10’s Words, Inc., Wednesday:(1) appear, (2) salt, and (3) frame