Bubble and Spear

try to be spontaneous when you cannot move at all,

put the thought in your head,
count down
from five
to four
three’s next

what have you?


coat check
time check
check book balancing
check the weather
check your stocks
check the run to see if it’s grown
in check
check out
charming the way you check on the water to see if it boils
check this out!
checkers and bows
a clown suit for the depressed
pressing the iron to smooth the valleys and crags
in the shirt worn at The Point
when you crossed over from East to West
balancing the bubble* with the spear
language is common
eye colour, hair
so why shouldn’t they entwine again,
what is the fear?
although that happened more than sixty years ago,
why is hitler still mentioned,
haven’t we all gotten past it? no,
we remember that war
when people were annihilated, banished
and bled.
was this done with god’s blessing, to learn something
profound from?
no, i’m afraid that god was held captive too, his powers demoted –
that’s what happens when someone trusts someone bad.
people do follow like sheep, because of promises put forth
and like crumbs crumble more
they eventually carry with wind
eyes clear, sights get in check
we’ve balanced before
without bubble*, but not without spear.
-dld january 13rh, ’11-
*bubble equals fantasy rhetoric


4 responses to “Bubble and Spear

  1. Amazing lines of thought.

  2. I was thinking as I read this how your mind has these conversation with itself and that what I kept thinking about as I read this because of the flow of the poem… quite enjoyed this and have missed your writings.

  3. Thanks Malene… haven’t been writing much lately and I’m glad I found this jewel! 😉

  4. Charles, as you can see by my comment, above – I’ve been somewhat in the closet with my writing… but your accute description of my ‘flow’ is why I posted this. I had forgotten about it until I found it recently! Hopefully, I’ll get back in the swing of things — especially about reading yours! 😉

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