walking meditation

seeing distances play with light.

culling, calling to draw nearer
and wallow in the gifts brought ashore

twinkling glitters of sun
shone on wetted shells
and glass worn from the ever-changing motion
turbulence of weather meeting sea
things surface
sparked in thought
imagination guides me
to when I last danced the shoreline

treasured memories

all wrapped-up
in my mind’s remembrance
i smell the salt air
and feel the pull of skin
shells, driftwood and smooth, flat stones
discovered, then taken home
make a profound display in my living room
as they did when laying naked and exposed
beachcombing in March
always finding reason
to leave my footprints
to gather my senses
of where I am now
and where I have been
ebbing back out
seeing what is coming next
dld © 03.03.12

One response to “beachcombing

  1. There is something magical about walking along the beach…indeed ‘a walking meditation’ that is hard to match anywhere else…love the memories engendered by your poem.

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