literal translation

tasty, like chicken/arid, like the desert, not moist like dessert last night…
I had five spoonfuls of honied caviar
*mmmm, was it good and soothing!
which was differebnt than five days ago.
not the bird/not a cow’s.
it was the spoon that caused it.
it didn’t go down well at all,
in fact i almost ate my words.

© dld o7.24.11

4 responses to “literal translation

  1. Quite like the way you ended this one. 😉

  2. stream of consciousness always ends with a smile, thenks Charles!

  3. I liked this very much. How have you been?

  4. Been busy trying to get my coaching business together, but am taking my time so I get it right! I haven’t been writing all too much (as far as flash or poetry) but am writing more articles for my business, so all is going well…. and you?

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