Chrysalis come foreward

Climb out to taste the air

See the glory before you
Set sights on forgotten

dreams gone by

And by

Replenish each breath with those tales of long ago

And far away, latch on

With feet firm,

high head,

brilliance abounding


Shroud not

To trials and err from others before you

Be proud,

For your strengths lie in your dutifullness

Your ease with delicate wings, keeps you centered

Collect the tools you need to erect and build upon

those granules of hope

which you so cling to


Freedoms will be tested

blessings, though,

will shine brighter


follow this light,

for it brings pleasure and surprise

beyond your sight’s grasp


o, Chrysalis

you are needed to play coach on tethers

to carry so many messages

so many dreams deferred,

and souls bewildered


o Chrysalis

you are a talisman



our wings shall soar together

feeding dreams with charity


endearments can only make our will confirm

that we are flying, wings expanded,


with compassion’s love




© dld o5.o5.11


4 responses to “Chrysalis

  1. Denise this is beautiful you are in a blissful state- I hope to get there again soon LOVE AND SUPER LIGHT XOXO Thanks for BEING U :)))

  2. Something wonderful about a new beginning…very inspiring verse.

  3. Love to see these beautiful words and images! Also you can check me out at or my new website or the complete blog and full gallery at

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