gratitude for my corpuscles

dozen, if not millions
of tiny cells are floating, scurrying, traveling through out bodies
and we don’t realize they are here with us… imagine if our body was like an interstate roadway…
i’m surprised at how we haven’t had traffic jams, slowdowns and gawkers, or an accident

something is DEAD…

maybe i should say thank you, give my gratitude to my corpuscles, veins and arteries…

maybe i should give gratitude to my heart, the most active organ that let’s us know
we are alive
let me hug all of my bones for keeping me upright to stand my ground

and lest not forget to kiss those invisible brain cells for connecting those invisible dots

and crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s




i give pause to what i put into my body

i pause and shame myself for cutting short the lives of so many willing and unpaid
heroes in my being… i can only hope that i will be mindful of you

as i light another cigarette

or hog-out on potato chips



.© dld april 26, 2011


4 responses to “gratitude for my corpuscles

  1. Oh…one needs to watch out…I understand that traffic jams have been noted in a artery or two and sometimes the heart stops because of routing difficulties…enjoyed the poem.

  2. Right on! I often do a guided visualization of giving thanks to all the parts and places of our body that work silently without complaint (pain etc). My favorite to thank are my ear lobes!
    Great post.

  3. My husband used to say that his house was too quiet, that the silence was deadly, then he met me and my five children; his five children now, and it is not quiet!.
    I am your ARTBUNDANCE Buddy.

    • Crystal… I’ve been meaning to reply to your note to me…
      I wnder ifl your husband still thinks that also… I really wouldn’t
      be surprised if he never complained about the noise! Those types
      of people understand what BALANCE means… I’d like to rub a little of
      that!! See you in class!

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