Awaiting Moon Glow

moon glows brightly on this march eve
as if it’s a finger tickle away
i shall nudge it’s dry cratered skin
as moondust fills the air i breathe
i will make a wish
for things like this don’t happen every month,
in fact,
this moon
brings in spring’s entrance
i’m only hoping, the bounty of gaia’s seedlings
will grab enough dirt
to grow food
to feed
those in need,
like in japan
where the land’s barren sustenance has been

© dld march 19, 2011

for The Muse Is In


4 responses to “Awaiting Moon Glow

  1. Here’s hoping that those in need in Japan will be blessed by this bright moon and that hope will shed its light on them.

  2. DLD, such contrast between the beauty of the moon shine marking the entry of Spring (which I have also been noticing at night lately), and the devasatation in Japan. It’s the same moon. All we can do is hope and pray for them. Thanks for a touching thought. And so beautiful too.

  3. This touched me. Especially when you mentioned the poblems of Japan.

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