Travelogue, Weather Date: March Seventh, 2011

10am – left New Hampshire in a fog
11:09 – “Hey, it’s Snowin’!!!”
11:19 – weaving in and out of bands of heavy snow
12:45 – still in Connecticut and there’s ICE on the naked trees, for miles;
no dripping though, nothing’s wet, so the ice happened because
there was precip in the upper atmosphere which was cold enough
to harden. When looking ahead, the trees glisten in the sunlight a
beautiful white – otherwise, it’s dry ground, and very cold.
Hit NY state at 1:07ish with the blue sky and fair-weather clouds, a lttle
windy, BUT LOOK, at the higher elevations the ICE shines
from the trees!
Paid the last two tolls with talkers in front of us… ahhh, we’re moving again
but now we’re in the Empire State, it’s 1:35 and who knows what awaits
when we arrive home?!
Wow, NJ looks dry, the snow has melted, but there’s no signs of snow, rain, sleet, or shiny trees!
2:07 arrived home. Glad we only drove through that mess and didn’t have any of that while tapping maple trees for SaWEET Maple Syrup! Now, what do we have for lunch that hasn’t grown things?
©dld o3.o7.11

4 responses to “Travelogue, Weather Date: March Seventh, 2011

  1. Always found those unplanned science projects in the refrigerator after a trip something of an amazement. 😉

  2. yeah, charles… but would you attempt to EAT them?

  3. Aquatic Poetry

    if nothing, attempt an indoor compost?! never heard about it, but at least something new. Or you could throw it out 🙂

  4. Today is picture perfect in sunny VA Beach, VA. Your descriptions of the ice are awesome.

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