an ants discussion on talk radio about winter

“The snow is up to my ears!”

 That was today’s headline.

But it is wrong;

The snow is PAST my ears, Again!

For a few days, I felt warmth.

As sun created rivers of water

We almost drowned!


But we worked hard, feverishly, in fact.

Our hill’s opening

shown the way out, or the way


it’s a matter of perspective
the rain saw to it
that we needed to work
for our perspective looked bleak.


My job was to keep the gang moving.


I heard a chain-song that worked pretty well.

On the upbeat, half of us pushed out,

on the downbeat,

half packed the walls sturdy.

Yesterday, the cold winds  came and dried the water

making for one heck of a slipslide across the yard,

but the other side wasn’t greener,

it was more slipping and sliding.

No crickets had passed away

to bring back, to feast upon.


As the moon made it’s journey

The cold scurried us inside

They say

that body heat is the best heat

so not to burn up and die

No bones, no carcasses

lay in our entombment


We awoke today to see white,

Breathing became difficult.

A few of us coughed

and blew out the opening,

but what good is breathing, when

the opening presents another ice rink
and no dead crickets.

© dld february, 2011



One response to “an ants discussion on talk radio about winter

  1. lovely piece, visit me and join poets rally if you wish..

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