Fear Catcher (dld’s Writing Challenge #5)


The Fear Catcher
I nailed to the wall in my bedroom
Caught Me

It wasn’t meant for me,
And as it was only a prick of my finger
And I didn’t bleed,
Of that Superstitious Stuff
Will pass through my blood

I need to stay clear and be free
From his toxins
That have been haunting me since
I met him

I may be discovered
And my deepest fear will be uncovered
But if

All goes right, I’ll sleep tonight without
The disturbances I’ve grown accustomed to

I don’t want to be found
I only want a peaceful sleep
So that tomorrow

I can get what needs doing,

~dld o2.12.11~


dld’s Writing Challenge #5, the muse is in writing challenge


3 responses to “Fear Catcher (dld’s Writing Challenge #5)

  1. Ah…like the dream catcher that captures all the bad dreams and lets one rest without fear.

  2. I wonder how you bring to a whole, the fragments of phrases which when pulled out hold as much meaning as when put together…. you verse wonderfully and stirringly… Thanks for another amazing piece.

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