Change of Venue for The Majority


Today’s meeting was all about the design.  What do we wish to convey?  What do we proudly hail?  What will get people to remember IT well enough to recreate IT when someone holds a gun to their heads?  These questions were not out of the blue, for the research shows that these are the most important factors that followers look for.   


We have a long road to pave, because within the many concepts we abide by, there is no clear-cut dimension of what best outlines the parameters of IT.  IT is purely subjective.  IT may look different to each of IT’s believers, and for this reason, we do not want to create IT, but rather leave it blank.  By the end of the meeting, this was the overwhelming agreement, not to design IT.


In time, IT will be known to everyone, disciples and nay-sayers alike.  If we fly them on poles, wave them at parades, and even show them in support, everyone will know who belongs and who to shame.


Today’s meeting was all about the design, so we forged our signatures and pounded the gavel, IT is done!  We now have a flag of unity.  The cloth which bears nothing.  A white cloth, which when sewn together will blanket and comfort us when we need comfort the most.   IT is the tent in our new tent city. IT is our flag.  The flag of despair, when we signed on the dotted line on the foreclosure application… one will no longer be alone. 

-dld january 10, 2011-


ThinkingTen – Plot Thickens, Thursday: A flag


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