Where? What? How? Who? When.

Where do I go from here,

anywhere I wish,

I hoped

Seems to be an honest request,

or so I thought,

i hoped

Trouble is, I’m not sure how I got here,

can you hear me,

i hoped

I’m not even sure there is a “you”,

like you’re real,

i hoped

When I open my eyes,

I’ll be awake,


i could only hope


-dld o2.o8.11-


ThiningTen – Take it Away, TuesdayWhere do I go from here? 

The only rule: start your story with the above sentence


2 responses to “Where? What? How? Who? When.

  1. How well you express that feeling of hope there’s some real reason to hope ‘n pray.

  2. you begin to question EVERYTHING and it can make you MAD, I say… MAD!!!

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