You Won’t Find A Map To Get There

There is a place where you can scavange the dirt in hopes to find treasure.   Take Main Street all the way out, pass through town, pass the Post Master’s house, and a little bit further than the Painted Rock, then take the first dirt path on your right, all the way to it’s obvious end.


An old wooden fence doesn’t stop you if you park, tie your boots and have your swiss army knife at the ready, those scraggey vines can catch your feet, make you fall, but you can cut through them.  You’ll find the back of the saloon, all paths lead there.  The building is gone now, just broken bits and pieces from kids who party there., but if you go further, you can climb the piles of year’s past trash, you will find stable ground to sit yourself down.


If you’ve planned, you’ll have tools with you.  Tools will come in handy; the spade to dig and pry, the knife to cut and scrape.  You will  mostly be digging and can place anything in the bag you have in your back pocket for inspection when you get home.  Sometimes, you’ll find an old bottle, or hope that the piece you find bears the name of that Patent Medicine., or will show the bottle maker’s name.  Don’t disregard it if there is dirt and bug carcases inside, they can be gently cleansed, but they’ll never look new.  They’ll bear the tell-tale signs of oxidation showing colours ever so slightly in the mid-day sun.


As you dig deeper, you’ll find those smaller pieces that have been time-buried from easy finding.  Chards of silver, a broken pendant, or a ring without it’s sparkle.  Coins are always a precious find, but they’ve been getting more elusive to find anymore.   Old chewing gum wrappers decieve the most expensive metal detectors, if you’re lucky to have one with you.  But if it’s a good day, you’ll have plenty of helft in your bag to take home.  And if it was a colossal day of picking, you’ll have another bag with other former trinkets of days’ gone by.


I was lucky only two or three times, but that was more than twenty years ago.  I hear that dump has been built over, doctor’s now practice their voodoo there.  I wonder if they scavenged their acre plot before concrete stole the view from that old hill.  I wonder if they even know that there was such a place, just outside of town?


-dld o2.o7.11-


T10 – On Location, Mondays:  Just outside of town


One response to “You Won’t Find A Map To Get There

  1. Really liked this reminded me of when my friends and I in Nebraska would go out to old farm houses looking for treasures. 🙂

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