Tony’s Aha Moment

Tony was bored, so he just sat there

quietly eating

his apple.

Minding his own business, which wasn’t

booming, because nobody

buys “White Out” anymore –

nobody owns a typewriter.

He tried to remarket it,

but adding the words

‘vanilla flavoured’

didn’t help sales.

He hung a sign on the door.

He closed early.

There was an auction he wished

to attend

but when he arrived,

he noted tension in the air, the room

began to fill with fear.

Tony became antsy, knocked down

an oversized brandy snifter which broke

it had been filled with marbles, which

rolled all over the floor.

Everyone went quiet. 

Looked bored.  Chewed gum

– they didn’t have apples.

When, Tony made the decision to call it a day,

and left.

When, he thought that maybe he could sell gum.



-dld o2.o6.11-


ThinkingTen CAPSTONE CHALLENGE FOR THIS PAST WEEK A room filled with fear, He sat there quietly eating his apple, decide, drop, day,  A bag of marbles,  Vanilla


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