He sat there quietly eating his apple, well, as quietly as one could be while they are watching a hologram of their life. Abraham Claudius Invectrus, or Sam as he liked to be called, was in his compartment seat after being sequestered two weeks earlier, and he hoped that when this was finally over and done with, he could go back to his loft and continue his work with the city as Transit Master.


That’s all he was thinking about, for he loved what he did. Sam was hopeful that day would come soon, for he cared about nothing else in his life. His work meant the world to him. But he knew that he had to do his civic duty, so why resist and possibly get fined and sent to some hole in the wall in Iowa. He wiped his lips and placed the core in the napkin, when He knocked. “Okay Sam The Man, break time is over, strap yourself back up and just relax”, He grumbled while flicking switches.


Sam complied and was just settling in, closed his eyes, when a thunderous boom and concusion starled him. ‘Now what?’, he thought and yelled out, “You alright out there, it sounds like you dropped that bag of marbles on your foot again?” He came back with pissiness in his voice, “Wise ass, always a wise ass!” and continued flipping the regiment of switches and pressing buttons. Sam went back to a restful state.


‘Ahh, this is nice’ thinking to himself as he saw that it was now 1956, he was walking out of school, it was football season and life couldn’t have been more pure. Sam was a looker back in his day, girls throwing themselves at him to carry his stat sheet from that day’s game. Yes, indeed, Sam had his delegation of girls, and stories of all the “you should have seen” it’s.


He, then pressed the red button, grabbed an apple and moved closer to the window, He didn’t want to miss out on what was to come. The sensors began to blip faster and Sam was showing agitation. Sweat levels raised, heartbeats were faster and He was grinning, his brows uplifted, then when the room’s temperature hit 137 degrees, he pressed the blue button. Sam screamed. The room that had been filled with all the fear Sam had ever felt, suddenly plummeted and dropped down to a frigid he never felt before. Screams turned into anguish and pain became the evil to escape.


Sam saw himself drop to his knees, he was a little older, it was now 1968, he was in Cambodia, right outside the Angkor Wat Temple, and he was walking inside, this time. As he approached the altar, images shown on the walls and ceiling, as if someone were showing a slide show. They were images of children playing in the dirt they called a yard. Mothers sifting rice from the stalks sitting on the ground. Sons and husbands armed with rocks gathered before setting out to punish trespassers. Sam was in the thick bamboo brush, face painted and silent. Unknown to the villagers. he opened fire, shooting flame throwing concoctions made the night before. He watched the village burn and smelt human flesh for the thirty-eighth time, the last time.


Once he reached the altar, Sam knelt, lowered his head now dripping with tears, and asked forgiveness, but said it outloud. He heard Sam’s confession, which was very difficult for Sam to admit to, let alone re-experience after more than forty years, but the only thing He uttered to himself, ‘Aw man, you’re as vanilla as they come, wuss‘ then pressed the STOP button, unlocked the compartment, punched out and left.


-dld feb. 5, 2011-


T10 – weekly prompts:  He sat there quietly eating his apple, A room filled with fear, decide, drop, day, A bag of marbles, Vanilla & Canvas image *inverted.


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  1. Ah…still processing this narrative.:-)

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