frozen sky tears
transformed my street this morning
into a magic corridor
where kids skateSliding boots too big
stuffed with plastic bags

pelting each
other with snowflakes all bunched-up,

no-one can identify them singularly when they are forced to fight
shannon finds a scarf while dancing the perfect 8 in her new, golden
skates, her sister plays Dress Up with the snowman barely carved
or yet sturdy to it’s stance, she giggles
as bucky walks as he hears chickadee’s
he looks up
they are discussing a new
lipstick colour_____________ he looks up
as his vanilla snowcone falls from
cupped mittens.
~dld febrary 4, 2011~
T10 -Member’s Pick, Friday: Vanilla


2 responses to “freeze-frame

  1. Like how the poem embodies the playfulness of the title…reminded me of snapshots in a photo album. 🙂

  2. A snapshot is exactly what it was/is! ;-)))

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