Kids Ask The Darndest Questions

My nephew is always asking the silliest questions when I go over my sister’s house.  He really is a good kid and smarter than his years, but sometimes he comes out of left field with the things he questions. 


Last month, he was asking anything and everything about space travel. “How much gasoline to they have to put in the tank of the rocket if they are to reach all the way to Mars?  Do they have gas stations there so they can fill up to come home?  Do they put Premium in, or can they get away with the cheaper stuff?”  He even went so far as to ask if they use a credit card to pay for it, because, “that’s alot of cash to be carrying around”!


This past weekend, he was the honored guest at my sister’s, it was a birthday party for Peter. I met them at the bowling alley to help set up the decorations and set the tables for Peter and his friends.  We had a theme for his 10th birthday, although I’m not quite sure what it really was, all I knew was that I HAD TO  BRING a bag of playing cards, a bag of unpopped popcorn, a bag of popped popcorn and a bag of ping pong balls.  We also had a variety of the more traditionally-themed party fare – ballooms, pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata.


After bowling two games, it was time to blow out the birthday boy’s candles and open gifts, but before we began, Peter decided to entertain his guests with a magic show.  He came prepared, too; a top hat, a wand, a stuffed bunny, and his girlfriend, Emily was his assistant.  After doing the ring separation and the guess which card  tricks, his pal Jimmy started bum-dum-bumming a drumroll and with a light of a firecracker and a poof, Peter jumped up onto the table and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I bet all of you that this bag”, pointing to a brown paper bag that looked heavy, “weighs more than these other bags (while pointing to the four plastic bags of items I brought over).  Do I have any takers?” he added.


Jimmy jumped up, raising his hand and yelled out, “I bet you a dollar”!  Then a couple of other boys and sweet Emily chimmed in “Yeah, me too”!  Meanwhile, I was thinking that Peter hadn’t shown anyone what was in the brown bag, but it was his trick so I just shut up and watched.


Having all ‘takers’ now spoken , Peter then took the bag of playing cards and gave it to Jimmy to hold in his right hand.  He then put the brown bag in Jimmy’s left hand, which Jimmy immediately lowered and it became obvious that the brown bag was heavier than the playing cards.  Peter then placed each of the other bags in Jimmy’s right hand, one at a time and each time, the brown bag obviously weighed more.  As the finale, Peter put all four bags in Jimmy’s right hand to weigh against the one brown bag.  You know what happened?  Yes, all four bags were lighter than the one, solitary brown bag.


“What’s in there?” someone blurted out.  “Yeah, we wanna know” said the rest of the children, with that, Jimmy started to tell the story of when he asked me how much the HUMAN BRAIN weighed.  Everyone got quiet, and a few of the girls were squirming in their seats thinking that a human brain was in the brown paper bag, when Peter ripped open the bag and ALL HIS MARBLES SPILLED ONTO THE FLOOR with a loud crash, one even rolled down the lane and tapped a bowling pin and knocked it over!


Peter smiled as he snatched the eight bucks from his friends and said, “Let us eat cake!”



-dld Feb. 3, 2011-


T10 – Plot Thickens, Thursday: A bag of marbles


One response to “Kids Ask The Darndest Questions

  1. A very cute story…enjoyed it.

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