It’s The Real Thing

While the ruckus was happening all around him, Frank sat there quietly eating his apple. He may have started the upheaval and unrest within the company, but Frank was resigned to let the others play this one out.
The idea came to him a month ago, after the quarterly numbers had been crunched. Seeing it in black on white paper, it was clear that more money was spent than was coming in. Frank knew that cutbacks in management salaries would have to be put into order, but he was the resident accountant and could only suggest a remedy, which he did and the chief of operations gladly put Frank’s ideas into motion.
For too long, the company wove flags bragging high pay to get the best minds working for them. For too long, the company procured PhD’s straight from the pomp and circumstance to the boardroom, but never thought to practice what they preached, as monthly orders for their products was lessening to the point of no return.
Rather than cut hiring, or put a freeze on wage increases, Frank’s idea was to put management on the front lines in the manufacturing plant. Managers would now be among the rank and file of package labellers and stock movers, quality assurance and quality control, and they would receive the minimum wages that fit those positions. Frank’s idea was that they, the managers, would see what jobs were unnecessary or see where line production could be rearranged, jobs reassigned, therefore maximizing daily output. He also thought that this was a temporary move, that after getting production streamlined, management itself could be streamlined and positions could be examined then to see who should be let go and who could stay.
Frank didn’t realize that the manufacturing workers were unionized and these new ‘rules’ went against the contract they signed. Now the company was facing a mass walk-out of employees. The union threatened a Strike! This was far worse a situation, for management could surely not pick-up the slack, there weren’t enough of them to do so.
While the company’s future looked bleak, and since Frank’s services were only needed for one week every three months, he thought it would be a good idea to take a few vacation days. He was hopeful that by the time he returned, the Coca-Cola Company would go back to Classic Coke, the second idea Frank had.

~dld February 1, 2011~
ThinkingTen – Take it Away, Tuesday:
He sat there quietly eating his apple.


One response to “It’s The Real Thing

  1. Ha…had to laugh at the is story…when I was quite young…I worked at a Coca Cola bottling plant….nothing funnier than watching a manager try and operate the machines. 🙂

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