Deceased, Went Amiss

Death paid me a visit today.

In an odd dream last night,
he poked through.
Is this imagination’s creature,
and I, it’s human prey?
I pray he has a curfew. though I’m afraid my wishes
will remain as that.
Something tells me
deep inside
that he will soon be back
and that I cannot hide.
My fight is just beginning,
my chances to beat him are growing thin.
Although I’m feeling weary, and afraid,
the worst is over, long gone and far away.
My only recourse is to stand before
the Courts of what is Righteous,
to show the bruises,
my mental anguish,
the Force of his misguided convictions
and how the pain still flourishes.
Death may have visited,
but I did not let him through my door.
I have grown stronger,
I’m thinking clearer,
and haven’t lost those fundamentals.
I am true to them
and that which is my core.
The fire’s been extinguished,
and I,
the victor,
will Live forever more, forever more.

-dld january 4, 2011-
Take it Away, Tuesday: Death paid me a visit today.
The only rule: start your story with the above sentence.


One response to “Deceased, Went Amiss

  1. A bite of whimsical tone to this…and a touch of ‘death be not proud’ to it…very pleasant to read.

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