a new birthing
as winterscape’s cover
blankets and nourishes
hibernating crocus seed
to light the path
for seedling’s reach
to sun’s warmth
a season’s final waning
as the dawn of ascension
heaves frozen ground 1
pressing limits
grasping earth
weaning winds and water
i wait for thee
purple petal bloom
in glorious display
the entrance 
spring’s awakening 2
-Denise Jan. 30, 2011-
Challenge for the muse is in,

written while listening to Adrian vonZiegler
1.  “Eternal Snow”
2.  “Darkness, Beloved”


2 responses to “Renewal

  1. My winter bulbs are already up with the warmer than usual temps here….love the image and poem you posted.

  2. Thanks, did you listen to the music I wrote with? I really like this woman’s stuff — just happened upon her yesterday! Enjoy your blooms… we are far from this picture happening… it may show up in April! uggh, too long!

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