noah’s tale

nothing had changed

thunder will always enter with a crash

and the nightmares will never end the torment


storms have a way of disturbing the restful night, and

noah hasn’t slept, for fear of watching his own death



it wasn’t always like this, he worked hard to fix the leaks,

but plugging the holes only made for

deeper water on top of the roof,

and poor noah found himself tiring of his true and honest efforts

but one night, with his spirit at its weakest point,

a vision came to him

it woke him in a drenching sweat, yet he was feeling stronger, more determined


the next day, noah worked himself in frenzy-like manner

disassembling the radio, attaching wires to batteries and

batteries to motors

noah had a plan and it was beginning to

look as though it would work


in the meantime, noah’s friend, paul, noah’s scribner,

worked to set the letterpress with diodes and signal transmitters

indeed, their collaboration seemed to be making headway,

especially once the pool of roof water was tapped

to charge the equipment they were making


after three months of tinkering and adjusting

preparing and tweeking, tickets were printed for the inauueration


they were set to unviel the first edition of noah’s A Compendious

Dictionary of the English Language, he made the statement that all Americans

in this republic need to read it, for,

“All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition,

injustice, oppression, slavery and war, proceed from their despising

or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible… and the principles of

genuine liberty, and of wise laws and administrations…” be persued, for

these are the “disorders which society is doomed to suffer.” *


the rains had finally stopped that day

but noah saw the flash of light, and died before seeing

that every schoolroom from that day forward

had a copy of his dictionary



-dld january 30, 2011-

* Quotes from Noah Webster 1758-1843

Mr. Webster did not die before seeing his published works.


T10: Nothing had changed, on the roof,

ticket, top, true, radio, a flashing light(s)


2 responses to “noah’s tale

  1. A most interesting tale..indeed.

  2. I tried to fool you into thinking that I was speaking of Noah *you know, the Ark Dude? Thanks for reading, Charles!!!

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