I Took A Friendly Drive, Wednesday

Here it is, Wednesday already, and I haven’t gotten to the supermarket to buy my week’s ration of meals and odd assortment of supplies. One more look around – dog food, check; paper towels, check; alrighty, this looks like I’ve got it all. As I was placing the list in my coat pocket, the television just alerted us to a Winter Storm Watch, but whenever they say it going to start is never when it actually begins, so I’d better get a move on it!


Once out the door, I see that it is already starting to flurry, but at least the road looks good in front of my house, hopefully the main roads are clear and free of this past storm’s wet, white dumping. Good thing I don’t have too far to drive.


As I was turning into the parking lot, I noticed a large banner in the window at the dollar store – “Going Out Of Business Sale 70% Off!” THIS, I cannot pass up! So, after I found a spot for the car, I ran over to Dollar General, flung the double doors opened, grabbed a hand cart and walked right over to my favorite area of the store, ‘candles’. This dollar store has the best selection and I’m never disappointed at the scents they come in. After loading my hand cart so I couldn’t carry it easily, I went up to the register and set it aside, got another cart and continued shopping in the ‘gift-wrap’ and ‘party supplies’ aisle, then made my way to the generic aluminum wrap and throw-away baking tins. Okay, so I was in the store a little longer than anticipated, but I kept looking out the windows and the snow wasn’t falling any stronger, so I still had time to get my food shopping in, besides, I crossed a few items of my list for grocery shopping.


I had to move the car, so I’d get a spot near Shop-rite, but I saw one and was fast enough to grab it. As quickly as I pulled in, I was towing the cart behind me back to my old clunker. A ‘whew’ and a shake of my coat and hair and the engine started up, the radio was blaring the latest storm report and I was sitting at the light, waiting to turn right.


No sooner than lickety-split, the light turned green and my car died. It was a fast death, not even a cough or sputter. “Shit!”, my high-pitched scream of alarm rang as I realized while fingering through my purse, my cell was still on the hutch in the kitchen. My next response was to put on my four–way blinkers. After a few honks and my sticking my arm out the window telling them to pass me, I realized that I was sitting there alone. The parking lot to the shopping center was mostly vacant, even Route 121 was a desolate strip, with only white stuff riding the lanes. After a short while, I turned the radio off and then the engine, I didn’t want to use what was left of the battery, but doing so would also turn off the heat.


I lost track of time because, of course, I also forgot my watch as it was right next to the phone in the kitchen, but it seemed like it was over an hour where I was just sitting in my car. By this time, most of the stores had closed, the lights were out and my chances to get help grew slimmer.


I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, someone was pounding on my window and I could see the reflection of blue and red lights flashing on the snow banks along the parking lot. I was a bit startled, or more like, “Ah!” and a backing away from my door, I noticed the badge on the officer’s jacket. It said, “Sgt. B. Friendly, Springfield”, and as I was giggling at his name (because everyone has an officer Friendly), I was rolling the window down, but all I could say was, “You wanna date? He He”, then with all my sincerity, I asked if he could call a tow truck and give me and my groceries a ride home. Thank goodness he laughed, because I could easily be writing on the jail cell walls about the day when I propositioned a police officer.


-dld o1.28.11-


ThinkingTen – Member’s Pick Friday: flashing light(s)


3 responses to “I Took A Friendly Drive, Wednesday

  1. Oh all the smiles in this post…some for the story and some for all the memories you brought back of snow storms in New England…and as I sit here in sunny SoCal…I smile even more. 🙂

  2. And I sit here, sticking my tongue out, AT YOU! :-p
    This was a fun one with the prompt given… I’m sure you miss shoveling, but I’m also sure you miss a good all Out-N-Out snowball fight, too! ;-))

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