conversations with me
can be challenging,
not for you, as they usually command a chuckle,
but for me they can be a lesson in language, of
derivatives and similies

it is as though my skills at speaking
have disengaged from brain to mouth,
so when mouth opens
i don’t know if i’ll hit the mark when i talk to you
only after the words have been spoken, do i find amusement,
but i’m nonetheless amazed at all the out-of-sorts in my assault
the magnifying glass becomes a microscope,
the lengthener is really a yard stick,
and eveyone knows that, the drumbeats and rhymes
are really a radio, right?
i should honestly keep track of the faux pas
list them phonetically or age appropriately,
as i often sound like a child who hasn’t learned
there’s a word for it
using the correct term doesn’t matter,
it’s enough to just get the words out at all

-dld January 27, 2011-
ThinkingTen – Plot Thickens, Thursday: Radio


3 responses to “Linguistics

  1. This has a playful tone to me…of course I enjoy linguistics.:-)

  2. love the word faux pas. french elegance to cover up an awkwardness.

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