State of The State, This January Day

Nothing had changed,
but everything seemed different.
Colours marked the shoreline
in vibrant sunlight hues,
only then, they shown against
a blanket of winter’s white
an absence of urgency
to find time.

Nothing had changed,
but somehow it had.
Those dime-store quick fixes
were plumb out of remedy.
Grown of necessity
only a pilgrimage’s guidance
could offer hope
to finding new ground,
a new context
for amassing a new regime.

It has been three years
Since the party of choice began their march,
only three years to make a mark
of difference,
but the only difference I see,
is how much we have not learned
from our past.
And how much more
we only need time to mark the new beginning
we so wished to start
against this new winter’s white hue.

-dld January 25, 2011-
T10 – Take it Away, Tuesday:
Nothing had changed.


5 responses to “State of The State, This January Day

  1. But isn’t this way, after everyone we place into office?

  2. The difficulty is we always believe one individual can change a system that has been designed not to change. 😦

  3. Darn us weavers of holding on to romanic ideals and Utopis!!!

  4. true,
    well put.

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