They Have Stopped Using The Rorschach Test

Well, Doctor,

okay, I’ll tell you what I see next to the arrow.


It looks like a balloon,


make that a condom,


a condom,

but it has a face,


it looks like an old man

and he’s swimming,

but he’s still,


then maybe he’s dead

floating in the water.


What’s that you say?


No, I don’t see feet!


OOOOH, a fetus!

Whose is it?


-dld January 23rd, 2011-

ThinkingTen Canvas Challenge (picture)


2 responses to “They Have Stopped Using The Rorschach Test

  1. I’m not sure why this made me chuckle …maybe because I’ve often wondered about that test and I could just see Gene Wilder in “Start The Revolution Without Me” responding to the items…a very funny thought to have over morning coffee…thanks for engendering it. 🙂

  2. I honestly did not like the canvas picture given this week, but after posting yesterday’s write with it, I thought I’d give it another go… I was actually laughing as I wrote it!!! I also think Gene, or even Oscar (Wilde), would have found plenty to say, especially after reading what I wrote! You’re welcome for this morning’s coffee out your nose!!! ;-))

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